Episode 4: On Bus Music (with Indika de Silva)

It’s cranky, it’s raw, you know it when you hear it. And whether you like it or not, ‘bus music’ is here to stay. On this episode we explore the fundamental characteristics of the famed Lankan musical genre with connoisseur Indika de Silva.

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Indika de Silva is a lecturer in IT at the General Sir John Kotelawala Defense University in Suriyaweva, Hambantota. He has been a double bass player since 1995 and was a part of the Sri Lankan National Youth Orchestra a while ago. He has a pronounced interest in Sri Lankan ‘bus music’ in general, and calls himself a fan.

He is also a huge geek, and is the proud owner of an expansive library of comics, graphic novels, and other memorabilia.

Indika can be found on Twitter at @saintgif.

Show Notes

  1. Sudu Araliya Mala (Ajith Muthukumarana): https://youtu.be/okHjqFeGEzs
  2. Roland Octapad (demo by Craig Blundell): https://youtu.be/BoZq15USPso
  3. Kundumani (Freddie Silva): https://youtu.be/f7FLOpRbXFQ
  4. Egodaha Yanno (Shelton Perera): https://youtu.be/EecnC4cviDY
  5. Weherahena Wihaaraye (Ajith Muthukumarana): https://youtu.be/wVbKgZ21U1E
  6. Saka Karala (Jude Rogans): https://youtu.be/oT3zqWG9uNs
  7. Bageta Salun Doren (Damith Asanka): https://youtu.be/SlzFAf1RbTA
  8. Thaniwee Sitinnai (Milton Mallawaarachchi): https://youtu.be/dnslaxgpE0w
  9. Adi Seeye Para Gawa (Chamara Weerasinghe): https://youtu.be/KP6uULLEVEc
  10. “බස්රියේ සංගීතය පීඩාකාරී නම් , ඔබට එයට, එරෙහි විය හැකිය” Facebook post by Sisira Karunaratne: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=1426793240708290&set=a.375876722466619&type=3
  11. Flashback Vegetable Night 2014 (YouTube playlist): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=paTpmGtto6k&list=PLaW_a9SLOwslDiStxoMtj6eLojgM0uazX
  12. Ahasa Usata (Gunadasa Kapuge): https://youtu.be/b_Lrppeyy7I
  13. 1 2 3 4 5 (Ahasa Usata cover song by unknown artist): https://youtu.be/FSLiNG3LgTE
  14. Sapaththu Mala La Rathu Patai (Subani Harshani): https://youtu.be/_Vlh3BqGzys
  15. Hambantota Muhudu Werale (Subani Harshani): https://youtu.be/J3ZEPpKl7u4
  16. Indika’s translation of Sudu Araliya Mala:

Disclaimer: We don’t own the copyrights to any of the songs played in this episode. They are played off YouTube, purely for reference purposes.

Featured photo courtesy of Nazly Ahmed.

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